Historic Property Types

National Register of Historic Places pic

National Register of Historic Places
Image: nps.gov

As a creative professional, Hampton Luzak has worked in advertising, public relations, and television at companies such as MSNBC, Carlisle, and BBDO. Currently, Hampton Luzak focuses her creative skills on interior design and restoring historic properties in Connecticut, New York, and South Carolina.

Historic properties are defined as properties that are eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, which is administered by the National Park Service. Although restoring historic properties can be complex, they offer aesthetic beauty and original architecture that is often unrivaled by other properties.

According to the National Register, historic properties fall into five categories. These include buildings, such as houses and commercial buildings, and structures, such as bridges and dams that are not designed to shelter people. Sites where a historically significant event occurred can also be deemed historic. These can range from battlefields and trails, to natural features and landscapes.

Smaller scale items, such as statues and fountains, as well as entire districts and areas are also eligible for inclusion on historic listings. For additional information on historic properties, visit the National Register at nps.gov/nr.